checking it off

I’m only blogging so I can check it off my to do list.  I just haven’t felt like writing.  I’ve either been grouchy or tired, or having way too much fun to sit down to write.  But mostly, I just haven’t felt like writing.  I still don’t feel like writing.  But it’s on the to do list…and I want to check it off.

The lovely beach vacation we had in July still hasn’t been chronicled here.  I want that blog post to be perfect and so I’ve put it off.  It’s September now.  That’s what perfectionism does to me.  It paralyzes me and rather than giving it my best shot, I do nothing.  I wait until I can do it perfectly and it doesn’t get done.  Someday I’ll write that darn blog post.  Probably when it’s cold outside and I’m wishing for the beach.

My baby boy started kindergarten this week.  And my oldest started 2nd grade.  Today, my baby girl went to preschool, where I am now working.  So much change in one itty bitty week.  I am exhausted and emotionally drained.  I am also feeling accomplished and enjoying a more scheduled life.

I’m anxious for fall for so many reasons…cooler weather, pumpkin scents and tastes, drinking coffee all day long, all my favorite colors on display in the trees and on the ground… And I’m happy because my photography business is going to pick up again.  It’s been a little slow for the past month.  Who wants to have their picture taken in 100 degree weather?  I’m loving the idea of photographing people, using autumn as the backdrop!

And because I wouldn’t dare post two blogs in a row with no picture…

me with my sister in law (and very best friend)












And the blog is finished.  I’m checking it off the list now.


3 thoughts on “checking it off

  1. I am glad you checked it off …I love seeing what you have to say 🙂 And yes, your photography business will be booming soon enough…I just know it

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