Not Me Monday

After my last blog post and a recent facebook status update…

“If you saw a lady that looked like me at Giant this morning…in the clothes I wore….ahem..I mean “the lady” wore to bed last night, hair up, no make up on (except a little leftover mascara under the eyes), drooling by the donuts…it wasn’t me. Really. There is an impostor out there somewhere… and she took my kids with her. :)”

…I was encouraged by my dear friend Lisa to participate in this:

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

So, here it is!

I am definitely not feeling totally overwhelmed and freaked out at the idea that my baby boy will be starting kindergarten in less than a month.  Nope, I totally have it together and am feeling 100% okay with sending my precious, tender hearted, blonde headed baby boy to that humungoid school.  I would never obsess over whether or not he will be able to sit still or even remember where his seat is.  I am not the momma worried about whether he’ll be doing headstands on said seat while the teacher is reviewing the calendar for the day.  And of course I’m not fretting a bit over the idea of him in that huge, noisy cafeteria eating lunch without his family, needing someone to open the straw for his juice box.  Nope, not me.  Of course not.

There is definitely no way that I stayed up until midnight watching “Grey Gardens,” the documentary about the Beales.  Nope.  I have not been totally obsessing over these two eccentric ladies and their reclusive living habits since discovering their story two days ago.  I mean who does that?  And if I had watched that documentary, I definitely would not have googled “Edith Beale” today and read about an hours worth of articles on these women.  I’m a responsible mother, after all.  No, that definitely was not me.

I did not find my baby girl on the front porch this morning (at 9:45 am) eating a popsicle in her pajamas.  I am much more alert and aware than that.  I would never have allowed her to go ahead and eat that popsicle, on the porch, in her pajamas.  Not me.

I did not get out of the shower today (at 1:30 pm), only to realize I had only shaved one of my legs.  And I definitely didn’t just go ahead and get dressed and leave my left leg unshaven.  Never!  Not me!

I am not pouting today because I am getting no comments on my photography blog.  I am definitely not obsessing over whether the blog is good enough…whether my photography is good enough….whether I’m good enough (and if gosh darnit, people like me).  I am totally confident and sure of my ability to make this business work and would never second guess myself.  And I would never shamelessly promote myself through my family blog.  Absolutely not me!


9 thoughts on “Not Me Monday

  1. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

    You had me laughing so hard I was crying! I sincerely hope you get more referral traffic through this post because it is a GEM!

    Now this is the way to lighten your day Misty. How could the enemy possibly weigh you down with guilt when you are enjoying yourself in your humanity? Impossible.

    I just may do a NOT ME cupcake post 🙂

    • Too cute! you know this is the second no me post i’ve read today that involved Popsicles for breakfast!

      Off to see your photography blog! Come check out my blog too…. I
      m very into photography!

      • I love hearing from new people–especially fellow mom bloggers! I will definitely be checking out your blog as well. 🙂

  2. So I tried to think of a clever way to reply, in similar context, to your post on here but i started feeling bad writing the opposite of You are defiantly an amazing photographer, I have really enjoyed your photos and even tried to lean from them you have a real eye balancing the frame and controlling your depth of field your colors are a perfect reflection of your artistic style with out looking over edited, and even your logo says I AM A PROFESSIONAL !! to balance all that and worry about a family is admirable at the least, keep it up you have a gift 🙂

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