10 years

Stan and I were blessed to be able to spend a couple of days together in DC,  celebrating our 10 year anniversary, in early June.  While we were away, the kids did all sorts of fun stuff with Grandma Donetta and Papa Randy, including painting pottery for us and going to their first baseball game.  It’s always nice when we can get away and feel no guilt, knowing our kids are having just as much fun as we are!

We stayed in a fantastic boutique hotel in downtown DC–Hotel Rouge.  Loved the decor and the location.

The best part of the trip was just being with my amazing husband of 10 years! (Although I also enjoyed having grown up conversations, eating food I didn’t have to prepare, wearing heels and being responsible for no one but myself.)

I love this man.

And he loves me enough not to be embarrassed of me when I take pictures of myself in the mirror or when I take pictures of my shoes because I love them oh so very much.  (And he even takes a picture or two of me now and then.  And he’s good at it.)

Did I mention we ate food I didn’t have to prepare?  And I didn’t have to do any dishes.  Soooo wonderful.  Our favorite meals were at The Corner Bakery and Bangkok Joe’s. Mmmmm….. (I love to photograph food almost as much as I love to photograph people.  Does that make me weird?)

Although we did some unromantic things, like visiting the Holocaust Museum (my choice–I had been waiting 6 months to see it), we also did some romantical stuff, like walking along the Potomac just as the sun was setting.

And going to an adorable coffee shop in Georgetown.

And watching a movie in our room.

And just when I thought the weekend was over, Stan surprised me with an afternoon of horseback riding.  It was my very first time riding a horse and I absolutely loved it.

So thankful for the gift of my husband and the 10+ years we’ve had together.


4 thoughts on “10 years

  1. Wow! This was really nice of you, Misty. Great pics by the way. Are you a photographer or something?

  2. Loved all the pics and you guys look like you were so happy to be out and about …congrats on 10 years!!! You guys are a great couple and we love you being part of NLCC!!!

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