what we’ve been up to, part 2:: memorial day

I know, I know, I am a month behind on the blog.  But honestly, I just can’t let these pictures  go to waste.

We went to Old Town Alexandria on memorial day.  Honestly, we had no idea what we were going to do, except that it included a picnic and time on the waterfront.  I like days like that.  Days when we just pack some food, load the van and take off.  No agenda, no schedule, no deadline.  Old Town is amazing.  It sits right on the Potomac and is filled with he charm of art galleries, historic buildings and cobblestone streets.

If you go to Old Town on a weekend, you will find a lot of musicians and other street performers.  It’s one of my favorite parts.  There is just something special about these artists who love to entertain passers by.

I have heard of the man who plays the glasses before, but did not have the pleasure of hearing him until this day.  Since it was memorial day, he was playing a medley of patriotic songs.  It was absolutely amazing, and even moving, to watch him make these glasses sing.

And just in case you don’t think you’ll be able to make it to see him, I posted a video here for you to see his amazing talent for yourself!

I could have stood there all day as he turned simple glasses into instruments.  I felt honored to be watching him share his talent with such joy.  When he finished, he took a small bow and almost seemed to be blushing with pride.  I wanted to hug him, but didn’t want to embarrass my family.  🙂

I did take an obnoxious amount of pictures.  I promise not to share all of them here.  Hopefully you will go see him for yourself!

After enjoying the music, we quickly found a shady picnic spot, near the water.  We love picnics….Ashton especially.  Can you tell?  🙂

But honestly, that’s just kind of how Ashton feels about life in general.  He sucks every bit of goodness out of it and is never ashamed to hide his excitement!  That’s just one of the million things I love about him.  ❤  But I digress…back to the picnic!

Somehow I missed the pictures of Grant chasing the pigeons around during the meal.  He has this thing about chasing birds.  I keep asking him what he’s going to do if he ever catches one, but he never has an answer.  I’m doubting it really has anything to do with the end result.  It’s more about the journey!  Once again, Grant’s teaching me something!

Avary enjoyed the strawberries immensely.  I love watching her do big things.  She is capable of so much at age 3.  Her independence is incredible.  (Okay, I know, she’s just eating a strawberry and I’m gooshing.  I can’t help it.)

We saved some bread for the nearby ducks.  It was fun to share this with the kids since it is actually what Stan and I did on our first date.  🙂

The rest of the day was spent exploring the town, taking a trolley ride, eating ice cream and getting incredibly sweaty (no photo available).  Oh, and Stan lost $10 to a street magician.  Well worth it!  I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Oh, and yes, I was there too.  I just happened to be behind my camera all day.  But don’t worry, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!


2 thoughts on “what we’ve been up to, part 2:: memorial day

  1. I love your story and am drooling over the awesomeness of your photography skills!!! They truly enhance the reader experiencing your moments in time — a sign of a true photographer.

    Keep it up!

  2. Love it! I almost feel as though I were there. Going to Old Town is definitely something I’d like to do when we visit again. I got a little misty looking at these pictures and reading your comments.

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