we interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for this special message…

Yeah,  I know.  I said the next blog would be part 2, but how many of you really care?  My guess is 00.  It’s Father’s Day and I couldn’t resist posting a picture from the day and a few words about the Dad in our house.

Stan was really young when Grant was born…21.  It was the day after his last college final.  I know, you’re thinking we were crazy.  (Yeah, probably!)  But it doesn’t really matter, he became a daddy, and at that moment, my heart knew more love than it ever had before.  And not just for our new little baby boy, but for my husband.  Seeing him hold his son for the first time was like magic.  And it happened each time one of our children entered the world.  I watched him hold Ashton when he was full of tubes in the NICU and my heart melted all over again.  And then there was Avary.  Seeing a daddy with any baby is special, but there is something different about a daddy and his baby girl.  And again, I watched him pick up our tiny princess, her body fitting in his hand and forearm, and my heart was so full.  And now, each time he comforts Grant after a bad day at school or takes Ashton out to play ball or comforts Avary when she’s had a bad dream, that feeling rushes back to me.  Seeing Stan love OUR kids….OUR kids…it’s just magic.  Yes, he was pretty young when he was given the name “Dad” but he’s never taken the job lightly.  And I’m so grateful that my babies call him Dad.  Happy Father’s Day Stan!  I love you.


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