It’s been 8 years since he came into this world.

8 years since I reclined in a hospital bed, eating ice chips and watching Rachel give birth on “Friends.”

8 years since I experienced the most intense pain I’ve ever known.

8 years since I watched my husband slip away to the bathroom to cry, while a lovely nurse gave me an epidural and prepared me for surgery.

8 years since they put up the veil and my doctor delivered a miracle.

8 years since a tiny son was placed in the crook of my left arm and my heart changed and felt love like I’d never known.

8 years since I became a Mom and Stan became a Dad.

8 years since Grant Isaac Rodda was born.

Our world changed that day.  We knew it.  We felt the weight of responsibility almost immediately.  And the love…oh the love…it was even more than we expected.

Our first born has never done anything the “easy” way.  From his entry into the world (I’ll spare you details) to this day, he has always found a way to challenge us.  I won’t lie and say I’ve always seen this as a blessing.  There have been times when I’ve wished Grant was more by the book.  But most of the time, I marvel at his ingenuity and praise God for his unique way of seeing life.

Grant is incredibly creative and artistic.  His teacher says his greatest strength is his writing ability.  He is creative writer and can conjure up stories like no other 1st grader in his class.  The stories are always complete with sound effects and illustrations.  The boy loves to draw!  It’s almost as if he has all these ideas swirling around in his brain and he just can’t wait to get them down on paper…..through words and, sometimes, through art.  And to watch that creative process is beautiful.  Yes, Grant loves science, but I think even that interest comes back to his passion for creating things.

And as he grows, we just see more and more God given potential in this kid.  He really is capable of amazing things.  This life has been entrusted to us.  Even now, the weight of  responsibility is heavy on my heart.  But the love….oh the love…it is more than I could ever have expected.  And that’s why we’ll push through the difficulties and grow with each challenge and nurture all that creativity until God has grown him into the man he made him to be.

8 years ago our son was born and the world will never be the same!


5 thoughts on “05.18.02

  1. Wow! This is beautiful honey. Made me feel like I was on the outside, looking in. Thanks for capturing these 8 years so beautifully. Must have gotten his writing talents from you. Love you!

  2. This is beautiful! I’m so glad you have it saved on your blog because I think Grant will be grateful to have it when he’s older! Misty, you have an amazing way of capturing things through written word and pictures… and I’m sure many other ways I don’t know yet. God certainly knew whom to entrust with His Little Angels!

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