while daddy’s away-monday

It’s been a week.  One of those “glad this isn’t the way life always works” kind of weeks.  I was overly emotional and that, blended with Stan being away, made life tougher than usual.  See, Stan is my teammate.  I honestly just don’t function normally without him.  Even though he’s gone all day long, there is a stability that his 6 pm homecoming gives our life.  When I know that he won’t walk in the door that evening, the day loses some of it’s purpose and a lot of it’s joy.  So, this week was different…tough…just plain hard.  But it wasn’t a bad week.  See, I knew it was coming.  I have had it marked on the calendar for quite awhile.  So, we planned to make the week fun.

Grant had the day off Monday so we headed to Michael’s first thing in the morning for paint and flower pots.  A quick trip to Lowe’s for some petunias and potting soil, and we were ready for some serious artistic expression.

The kids REALLY got into it.  It is so fascinating to watch them create…tongue peeking out, tilted head, puzzled expression…swirling their brushes around to make something beautiful and special, that reflects who they are.

(How did I not get any pictures of the tongue peeking out?  Stink!)

The finished products are something to behold!  So proud of my little artists.

After the pots dried, we planted.  I love the act of planting flowers…the feel and smell of the dirt…the digging…the placing the flower in just the right spot.  Maybe it reminds me of being in the garden with my Grandma.  It’s pretty unfortunate that I have such a black thumb.  Apparently, although I inherited the love of planting, I did not inherit my Grandma’s talent to grow things.  But we enjoyed the planting part, and so far, the flowers are still alive.  (*Fingers crossed*)

We survived the day.  Actually, we did better than that…we really lived!  I’m realizing I need to plan things like this more often, not just when Stan is away.  Routine is good but creativity is fabulous!

Coming soon…while daddy’s away-tuesday and wednesday


5 thoughts on “while daddy’s away-monday

  1. Misty, you have a gift for opening up and letting us in. I’m sorry for your week. I agree, it is no fun parenting alone. We painted pots last year for Mother’s Day (for the grandmas) and had a blast! Planting is the best, I agree.

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