new camera

I got my new camera.  My first SLR.  🙂  I have SO much to learn, but I am enjoying the practice!

For now, the plan is to just keep learning and practicing.  But I’m dreaming of the day when I can do this to earn a living.  I love the idea of photographing families (especially itty bitties) just doing life.

Speaking of family photos…

We had some taken last weekend.  Lauren is a friend of a friend (who we now consider a friend), and did a FANTASTIC job capturing our children’s personalities (and dealing with their quirks).  We haven’t seen all the photos yet, but she did post a preview on her blog (where you can also see more of her great work).  Check it out here!

I have a huge list of blog topics (think I mentioned that before) but just haven’t had the time, or inspiration to write them.  Maybe tomorrow…maybe not.  I have a feeling that many of my upcoming posts will be photos I’ve taken.  I’m trying to pace myself, but man I love that camera!

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “new camera

  1. You guys are just too cute!!! I checked out Lauren’s website and told her our back story about this home and maybe she could get some pics of us out here…anyway, you can borrow my itty bitties too!!!

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