bubbles and…stuff

It doesn’t get much better than 70 degrees and sunny.  When you add bubbles….BONUS!  We’re loving this amazing weather and all the opportunities it affords, including….bubbles!

I’ve fallen in love with collages.  (And pairing it with my long time love of photo editing…glorious!)  I’ve decided that if I can do one “creative” thing each day, it helps to get me past all the mundane parts.  So there’s my daily dose of creativity.  🙂

An update on the “five roddas”…

Stan | So proud of my amazing husband!  This campus pastor thing is brand new for him and he’s learning and growing and taking it all in stride.  Right now he’s doing a lot of prep for our Easter event.  You should check out the details here.   Excited that he’ll be preaching this week.  He is my favorite, after all!  Stan’s just being an all around great leader for our family and I have to pinch myself sometimes, because he’s pretty fantastic and I feel crazy blessed.

Me | Being a wife and a momma and loving those things.  Entertaining a lot of dinner guests and preparing for several house guests in the upcoming weeks.  Needing to print those resumes and get them to pre schools but still feeling, for some reason, really apathetic.  (Had about a week of excitement and lost it.)  Seeking what God is wanting from me.  Wishing I had that camera I’m dreaming of, so I could start my photography business, which is really my heart’s desire.

Grant | Continuing to amaze me by saying things like “I really like studying economics in school.”  (He’s in 1st grade, for goodness sakes!)  Struggling with bike riding, but getting better with each practice session.  Totally obsessed with all things Mario right now and has even started a “Mario club” with his best bud, Ryan.  Still as head strong as ever and challenging us with new and different sorts of parenting dilemmas as he grows.  🙂

Ashton | As sweet and empathic as ever.  He’s such a boy and yet so sensitive at the same time.  Loving being able to be outside and soaking up as much sun as he can get.  He is also obsessed with all things Mario now, but thankfully the great weather has been a distraction!  Begging and pleading to do something “extra curricular” (although that’s not the term he uses).  I really need to check into Tae Kwon Do or the possibility of getting him on a little league team for the sumer.  (Although, sadly, I think we missed the cut off….and it’s ridiculously expensive, so we’ll see!)

Avary | 3 years old!  Can you believe it?  Well, maybe you can, but I can’t!  Such a socialite.  When we are out of the house, there is no one she won’t talk to. Loves finding out people’s names, interests, age and weight.  (I know, embarrassing, right?)  I love watching her rule the neighborhood.  She keeps all the boys in line with her munchkin voice and wagging finger.  And she’s amazingly active!  The girl is so tiny, but so fast and agile.  It’s almost funny to watch!  She really is our princess.

I have all these blog topics rolling around in my brain, but when I sit down to write them, they just don’t come out right.  So for now, you’re stuck with pictures and updates.  🙂  Honestly, that’s probably what most of you prefer anyway, but writing is like therapy for me.  So I’m wishing I could come up with words to express all these thoughts/feelings I have.  Maybe soon.


9 thoughts on “bubbles and…stuff

  1. Love it! Not sure about your husband though. I think your blowing him out of proportion a little. =) Love you. And I love your blog! ❤

  2. Misty, I love your family updates, but I really appreciate your thoughts and outlooks on other issues, too. You bring such a refreshing perspective and enlightenment that gives encouragement, is thought provoking, and makes one “stop and smell the roses”. You have been a ray of sunshine on some of these gloomy days, because you choose to share a part of yourself. Keep it up!

    ALSO…the way you “talk” through your camera lense is very heart warming. You have a gift and it simply isn’t taking pictures, but the story you tell when you are taking the pictures. You can see your heart and passion. Inspiring and exciting to see what God leads you to do with this.

  3. You guys are all busy little bees.. its great to see you all coming into your own. Its weird not randomly running into you guys around here, but I think about you all the time. Rick even talks about missing Stan, he felt he was someone he could really talk to. But we are all very happy to see you guys doing so very well! I cannot believe Avery is 3! Oh my Gosh! Please keep us up to date on everything! Miss you all! <3<3

  4. Hi there! Found your blog through “enjoying the small things” by Kelle Hampton!

    Your blog is rather refreshing, and I kinda skimmed a few past posts 🙂 Your pics are great, with such cute models ! We also have two boys, and we just recently had our baby girl! So I can relate with your post about Avary, so much so now!

    Take care,

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