I had big plans for nap time today.  I was going to dust some baseboards, do a load of laundry, put a load of laundry away, and possibly get started on getting our home office a little more organized.  I definitely needed to do the lunch dishes.

Instead I laid down between two of my babies (who aren’t really babies at all anymore) and took a nap.  It was glorious.

Before I fell asleep, Ashton on one side and Avary on the other, I thought about how I wished I could gather up this moment into a neat little package and tuck it away for some day in the future…for a day when my itty bitties are all grown up and won’t cuddle with me anymore.  I know on that day I’ll wish I could lay down in between them, smelling their freshly washed hair and snuggling up against their soft skin.  I’ll wish I could watch them take deep breaths from under the blankets and give them soft kisses on their sleepy little cheeks.  I’ll wish that they wanted me to read them a naptime story while they hung on my every word.

So I soaked it all in.  I tried so hard to just breath in the moment, because it won’t last for long.  I was fully and completely present.  Why has it taken me so long to realize that this is what it means to be a mama?  Why did I wait so long to enjoy my babies this way?  Well, I’m going to do a lot more of it from now on.  The dishes and baseboards can wait.  They’ll be here tomorrow and the next day and the next…. but these moments won’t.


6 thoughts on “naptime

  1. Misty, you are a VERY wise mommy! Now that are kids our kids are LONG since raised, I love to remember those wonderful naptimes, and many other precious moments! I have no regrets. Later there will be plenty of time to keep a perfect house, and have discretionary money for the extras…your kids are only little once…give them AND you a ton of great memories! I applaud your choice!!

  2. Are you trying to make me cry? I’m going to stop reading your blog if that’s the case. 🙂 I love you and I think you’re making the right choice. I’ll be home soon. You can put me to work on the baseboards. Enjoy those awesome kids. Love you.

    You’re such a great mom. I knew you were the right choice for me. 🙂 ha ha

  3. This happens to me too! I realized that one day my babies won’t be babies and so a part of me feels like I missed out on some of the intimate moments we could have had when they were tiny because I was so worried about all the stuff that in reality can wait. There is a song my Trace Adkins called “You’re gonna miss this” and there is a part in there that talks about the repairman being at the house, the phone is ringing, one kid is crying the other screaming and she apologizes to the man. The repairman says “They don’t bother me, I have 2 babies of my own, one is 36 and the other 23” and then he says “One day you’re gonna want this back and wish the days hadn’t gone so fast” (I just got teary-eyed!)

  4. “Clean my baseboards” made me think of this weekend. Were you going to break out your Magic Eraser too?
    Snuggling with your kids is way more important than clean baseboards or dishes. It is the best part of the day!
    By the way I came home and looked at my house as critically as the rental homes we looked at…Umm, yeah, I had no room to talk.

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies, and Stan! (No babe, I wasn’t trying to make you cry. <3)

    Stephanie, I did notice more dirt in my house after we came home from looking at that first rental house! I think I used the magic eraser THAT DAY! Isn't it funny how we get used to some of that grime when it belongs to us, but when we see it in another house, it grosses us out? Craziness!

    I did get the dishes done, but the rest of the housework will have to wait. We've been blowing bubbles and playing outside all afternoon. 🙂

  6. You are so wise to have that thought now while they are still little…I can’t tell you how many times I have wished for one more day with each of my now twentysomething and teens as little sloppy wet kissers. Lucky you! Sniff them once for me;)

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