a messy heart

It always starts as somewhat exciting.  I’m really envisioning the end and it brings a smile to my face.  Then I start…sorting, dusting, tossing, arranging and putting away the same toys, craft supplies and doo dads I’ve put away a thousand times.  And then it happens…somewhere in between the third trip to the hot wheels case and putting away the sixteenth rock from the collection, irritation sets in and I get downright mad.  I become critical and impatient as I wonder how in the world the boys let their room get this cluttered.

And then it hits me.  How often has Jesus found my heart in the very same shape?

How often has he looked into that mess of a heart and wondered how I could let it get so cluttered?  But he doesn’t face it with the same attitude as I do.  It’s quite different with Him.  Rather than being critical of me, he’s patient.  Even when he’s cleaning the same junk out, time after time, he does it with love and compassion and forgiveness.  Oh I’ve avoided him, for fear that he would make me do some “spring cleaning,” just as the boys avoid me when I’m working on their room.  But I have nothing to fear with Him.  If I let him come alongside me, He will be gentle and I’ll be better for it.

I want to be more like Jesus.  For me, for my husband, for my kids.  I’ve got to spend less time being critical and more time being forgiving.

**Just for clarification…I am in no way relinquishing Grant and Ashton of their responsibility of keeping their room tidy.  The expectation is still there.  However, I know that my way of dealing with it hasn’t been the RIGHT way.  It’s me that has to do the changing.  🙂


2 thoughts on “a messy heart

  1. WOW! You said this very well and you sure did convict me!!

    Just last night I stumbled over something that had been left out and was upset by how messy the toys were…. Thanks for this post today!

    Love the new layout!

  2. I have to tell you that I printed your entry and placed in on my fridge today to remind myself that I too need to be more patient and forgiving. I find myself cleaning up the same things day in and day out as well. It usually leads me to barking orders at the kids to clean their own rooms, etc. Thank you Misty for your words!

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