Avary Grace

Stan and I had decided after our two boys, we were not going to have any more children.  We had always said that we would have as many kids as we could be good parents to.  Prior to getting married, we talked about what that number would be.  I always thought I wanted 4 and Stan wanted 2.  Once the boys were born, I felt very happy with the size of our family and agreed that 2 was a good number.  Thankfully, God had other plans. 🙂

On the 4th of July, 2006 my dear friend Robin brought me a pregnancy test.  After talking to her for over a week about my suspicions, she decided it was time to find out for sure!  To my surprise, I was in fact, pregnant.  After the initial shock (yes, it was a HUGE shock to us), Stan and I were very excited.  Then, when we found out we were having a baby girl, I was elated!  On February 20th, 2007 our beautiful Avary Grace was born.  That day Grant called her a “jar full of love.”  All of us have been in love with her ever since.

Avary is a charmer.  She has a way of making people feel special and loved.  Her smile lights up a room and her sweet voice is unmistakable.  She can be the girliest of girls but can also hold her own with her two big brothers!  Most things come easily to Avary.  (She has been the fastest at learning everything.)  In fact, most things she has learned on her own, before we’ve tried to teach her!  Partially, I think, because she has two smart and talented big brothers who show her the ropes.  🙂  Avary is super tiny and so it is fun to see her run down the street faster than most kids twice her size or jump higher than it looks like she should be able to!  (We’re fairly sure she is an athlete already!)  We’re most proud of her kind heart.  She is a helper and an encourager and gives the best hugs and kisses, right when you need them!

Tomorrow Avary will be 3 years old.  We are already preparing to celebrate with princess decorations and lots of pink!  I’m so grateful that God gave us Avary.  Now we see, that our family wouldn’t have been complete without her!


8 thoughts on “Avary Grace

  1. I could use one of those famous Avary hugs and kisses RIGHT NOW! I miss you guys so much!! We have got to plan a trip to see you all!

    Love you!!!


  2. Happy Birthday Avary Grace. She really is a sweetie, Misty. The pictures are so cute. I know you’ll all have a great time this week end. Would love to be there with you all.

  3. God did bless you with this princess, but I hope you know how much we are blessed for having been a part of her life for as long as we were. She is special and I too could use her smile and an Avary hug

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