Celebrating Change

It’s apparent that I am not capable of keeping our blog up to date.  Good grief.  To write all that has happened since our last posts, in the fall, would take more time than I have to write.  Although I am gifted at making short stories long…I will attempt to just hit the high points of our recent family adventure!

On November 29th, a crew of almost 30 people loaded a 24 foot Budget truck, headed from Petersburg, IL to Haymarket VA.  Honestly, it was one of the most emotional days of my life.  To say that our 5 years in Petersburg changed us would be an understatement.  God used our time there to break us, to teach us, to help us learn to love.  It was a time filled with incredible sorrow and unspeakable joy.  We made the very best kind of friends and, unfortunately, some enemies as well.  But when I look back at our time there, what I will remember most is the way I got to witness God’s changing power in people’s lives.  I am so grateful for the season we were able to live in Petersburg and serve at PCOC.  And I’m so thankful that the internet has made the world so small, so we can continue to keep up with all of you who made that time so special!

God blessed our trip out east.  My in-laws were generous enough to take time off to help us make the drive.  We had beautiful weather, well behaved children and no break-downs!  Because we had so much help loading the truck, we were able to leave Sunday afternoon, rather than Monday morning.  It made our trip much more relaxed and we arrived in Haymarket sooner than expected.  It was so fun to see our home for the first time.  Donetta (my mother-in-law) and I couldn’t hold back the tears as we approached the house.  I guess it was a mixture of excitement and relief.  I am so thankful to Shirley Hancock and Kara Simpkins for their help in picking our home.  It was difficult for me to let go of that control and allow others to make such a big decision for us.  We were not disappointed!  Our neighborhood is amazing and our home is fantastic!  (I do plan to post  pictures later today or possibly tomorrow.)  We had a great crew of people to help us unload.  They wanted me posted at the front door to direct traffic, so I took the opportunity, with the help of a new friend (thanks Jacqui!) to put up my Christmas tree right away!  Donetta and Randy stayed with us for a couple of days to help with unpacking.  Can’t say enough about how much help they were!  Stan’s cousin Brooke even made the trek up from Galax to help for a day!

Moving to a place where we knew almost no one, to a home we’d never seen, to an area of the country far away from all our friends and family….not my idea of fun!  To be blunt, I HATE CHANGE!  However, when you feel God’s call, it is almost impossible to say no.  Stan is transitioning into his role at New Life Christian Church and loves it.  He thrives on change, and comes home each day excited (and tired) about the possibilities here.  I have good and bad days.  Sometimes I feel horribly homesick and other days I am thrilled to be here.  It will take me more time to feel “at home” but I know that eventually, I will.  The kids have done wonderfully.  Grant hasn’t started school yet (we’re waiting on medical records to arrive), so he’s enjoying the time at home.  He is so much like me, and needs time to adjust, so I’m pretty glad he didn’t start this week like we had planned.  Ashton is more like his Dad, embracing change.  While we moved in, Ashton met two boys in our neighborhood who he promptly dubbed his “best friends.”  Avary has asked a couple of times to “go home” but for the most part, she’s doing well.  She does enjoy looking at facebook pictures of all of our friends in Petersburg!

We’ve met some wonderful people here in NOVA (Northern Virginia…I’m trying to learn the lingo!).  We already love our church family here and feel like it is a perfect fit for us.  It’s great to see Stan so energized and I’m really enjoying just being a wife and Mom right now!  I’ve been reluctant to post much about how excited we are to be here.  I don’t want anyone in Illinois to feel like our love for where we are now diminishes our love for them in any way!  (Maybe that’s silly.)  I just want to be sensitive to people we left behind.  But I know ultimately, you guys are wishing and praying for the best for us, just as we are for you!

Ok, now for 5 superficial things I love about our move.

1) Wegmans.  Coolest grocery store EVER.  Great prices, great selection, fun atmosphere.

2)  Yummy food all within 10 miles.  Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Five Guys, Pei Wei…and the list goes on and on…

3)  Our gated community.  We don’t live in a fancy home, but our neighborhood is fancy.  It’s fun to drive past gorgeous homes every day!

4)  Our gas fireplace, which we use on a daily basis.

5)  My bathroom.  I love it.  Love, love, love it!

So many of you who are reading this have helped us with this life change.  Thank you!  And for those of you who continue to pray for us, here are some things you can continue to pray about…

1)  A quick sale for our house in Petersburg.

2)  A vehicle for Stan.

3)  Grant’s transition into his new school.

4)  A possible job opening for me at a pre-school, where Avary could also attend.

Love to you all…


7 thoughts on “Celebrating Change

  1. Misty! I love your post an resonate with so many of your feelings! I feel like I have had and (even after over 2 years) still have some of the feelings and moments of tears that you described, but there is definitely peace that transcends understanding when following God’s call. Being so far away sometimes literally hurts the heart though:( I totally understand how sometimes celebrating the new makes it seem like the old wasn’t good or important. That balance is so important, but you will find special ways to show that to your kids, family and friends! We continue to pray for your new transition! We will especially be praying for Grant as he starts school!

  2. When we moved out here, I too, was hesitant at what to post. Excited to be here, but still caring very much about our IL friends and afraid that happiness here would be a blow to them. I think you did a great job of explaining both sides. In the end our friends know our hearts. Hope your transition continues well.

  3. I’m so glad that things are wonderful for you. I miss you all like crazy! You know I love you and want what’s best for you so please don’t ever worry that you’ll hurt my feelings by talking about how great things are! I’d be more worried about you if I thought things were horrible!!

    Merry Christmas!!

    Much love~

  4. Hey I agree with Robin on this one. I would worry if you weren’t telling us all the happy things going on. Yes we miss you but I am so happy that you and Stan are in a place that is good for you! I mean that! Hang in there. If is a road and you took the road less traveled and will be blessed for it. Have fun and can’t wait to read more about the fun you are having!

  5. Merry Christmas, Stan, Misty, Grant, Ashton, and Avary!! Thanks for sharing your experiences and new surroundings. We hope you’ve had a great Christmas, and it’s so great to hear you’re enjoying this new chapter in your lives. We pray that the transition continues to go smoothly. On a different note, Stan, you and I are enemies on Dec 30!! Go ‘Cats!!!
    Brian, Andrea, and Ella

    • Can we be done being enemies now? I think we proved ourselves plenty well. 🙂 Sorry it had to be so ugly for you guys. I’m happy for us though.

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