Becoming A Man!

Grant is only 7 years old.  That’s it.  Just 7.  Something happened with he and I today though and I can literally see him growing up right in front of my face.  He and I had a fun afternoon together.  We mowed the lawn.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that there’s no way we had fun mowing the lawn.  Well, we did.  Today I let him help me mow and he thought it was just great.  I showed him how to start it, what it takes to keep it running, how to mow the strips in a straight line.  Then, when he was feeling really big, I let go.  He pushed an entire strip almost 100% by himself.

I can hear (read) the comments already.  “He’s only 7 Stan.  Isn’t there a child labor law or something?”  Well, in my house there’s no such thing.  Each child is a part of the family and has responsibilities to pitch in.  And today was Grant’s first step at helping me with mowing the lawn.  It was a lot of fun and an even bigger joy to see the smile on his face when he was done.  I gave him a big high five and kind of hit him in the chest.  Then I bragged on him to his mom.  It made him feel good to accomplish something and it made me feel good to be there with him when he did.

I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next.  I think I’ll have him help me put in the patio.


5 thoughts on “Becoming A Man!

  1. I think its great! I’m 33 and my dad still won’t let me mow the lawn. lol

    AND FYI there is no child labor law when it’s your kids and your business!!!!!!!

  2. We are big on the whole “we are a fmily and there are chores that must be done and we will all work together.” The kids aren’t so big on it! LOL Each week one kid empties all the household trashcans, each night each kid clears his/her own spot, someone helps set the table, etc. These are all expected and not paid for. I think it is cool to get Grant involved in mowing the lawn, you are such a great dad. After ya’ll are done there come on over, I need some weeding down in the back! 😉

  3. That’s PERFECT! 😀

    It’s great to teach kids responsibility from a young age so when they grow up they will not be so afraid of it. 😀

    Not to mention, think about the bonding experience you two had. That’s just completely amazing.

    Way to go Dad!

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