My Birthday Day!

It is common knowledge by now that I just had a birthday.  I turned 29 on July 30th and we decided that we would spend my birthday at Six Flags over St. Louis.  So we got up bright and early, dropped Avary off at the Atwater’s (who so graciously offered to watch her for the entire day.  Thank you guys so much!!!) and headed out to St. Louis.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew that I would have a good time and that Misty would probably let me ride one or two rides alone since it was my birthday.  Other than that, many questions hung in the air.  How well would Grant and Ashton do on the rides?  Which ones would they be allowed to ride?  How far away are we going to have to park?  What will the weather be like?  How much is a soda again?  $13 for a plastic cup!  You’ve got to be kidding me.

Anyway, on with the story.  The weather turned out great and the lines were pretty short.  I think our longest wait for anything was 45 minutes.  Everything else was less than 15 minutes.  It was awesome.  The boys very first roller coaster experience was the Tony Hawk Big Spin.  This was a short, but fast-paced ride.  It’s not just a straight coaster either, the part you sit in, spins as you go around the track.  It is very intense.  I had to ride it a second time, that’s how good it was.  Just for a taste, here it is.

After some fun we had a giant pizza from Papa John’s, with some breadsticks.  Then we got back out to the rides.  We hit Thunder River which Ashton took the biggest hit on.  I think he was soaked for the rest of the day.  All four of us rode the Screaming Eagle.  That was quite the experience.  Some kids won’t ride that until they’re teenagers.  My boys slayed it at 7 and 4.  Needless to say, I was so proud.  The last water ride we took on was the Log Flume.  The boys that it was great, going down that “waterfall.”  We had a lot of fun with that and knocked that one out twice.  As we neared the end of the day, Misty let me ride the Batman by myself.  Some teeny-bopper concert was going on so the lines were down to nothing.  I went through very quickly, two times.  The Batman is such an awesome ride.

The boys melted down a little when we told them it was time to go.  Ashton soon fell asleep on the ride home.  It was a really great birthday for me.  A chance to hang out with my wife and boys and ride some big coasters.  We had a great time.


2 thoughts on “My Birthday Day!

  1. I’m so glad you had a wonderful day. When we spoke, I was a little on the distracted side. What a blessing to read all about what you were able to do on your 29th b-day!

    I love you brother.

  2. Hadn’t seen this blog or ??? – until tonight. 2/19/10 . Takes me a little while to catch on to some of this. :o} But — those rides you took were great. I THINK I would have ridden them when I was 29…….but I KNOW I wouldn’t ride them now….when I’m 82. :o} Glad you had a great day though. Love you Stanley Don.

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