Trash Day!

Misty and I believe that we are not raising our kids in a hotel, but we are raising them in a home.  In other words, we are not here to serve all of their needs, but we are here to help them learn to be responsible.  For this reason, we have chosen not to give our kids “chores” persay.  We have daily responsibilities in our home.  Things that always have to be done.  They aren’t extra work items (chores), they are just part of the way our home works.

For instance, it’s not a chore for our kids to make their bed.  It’s just one of their daily responsibilities that comes with being a member of the Rodda family.  We are in this together, we all pitch in.  No chores, just daily responsibilities we all share.  I say all of this to tell you about my moment with Grant this morning that I think is quite funny.

Friday morning, the trash guys come.  With their big hydraulic truck they take away all that we consider to be “trash.”  We load it up into bags set it aside until Friday morning.  Grant and I were working on getting the trash out for the trash guys this morning.  I was moving the heavier trash cans while he was dragging a couple of smaller bags across the ground.  As he was dragging one, it was a little heavier than the last.  He started to mention how heavy it was.  This is how the conversation went from there.

Grant – “Dad, this bag is heavy.”

Dad – “Here, let me help you get your fingers through here.  Now try using two hands.”

Grant – “Okay.” *dragging bag across the small driveway* “I sure hope it doesn’t break.  It’s not a Glad Force Flex.”

Dad – “ha ha  I think it will be fine bud.”

LOL!  Guess he has seen a Glad Force Flex commercial recently.  That is proof that you can make any responsibility in the home fun.  We laughed about it and had a great time.


3 thoughts on “Trash Day!

  1. Stan,
    I loved the “prelude” to this conversation. You are smart parents, teaching daily responsibilities, rather than chores. We did the same thing …we called it being part of the family. It is just what you do because you are in the family. So when our adult kids hear others talk about doing chores as kids to earn allowance, they seemed kind of confused, since we never gave our kids “jobs”…just let them live in the family. Sure cuts out all the fighting over chores. They did get a nice allowance, just for being in the family, too.

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