Tuesday’s Random Thoughts

Have you ever hit the next button on your blog page?  I did today.  Found some interesting blogs on wordpress, including thoughts on how to choose the best colon cleanser, a video of someone’s son performing to the Batman theme (old school version), a girl’s beautifully written poetry, and tons of tons of political rants.  I didn’t read all of these blogs, juse perused for a minute to see what people were writing about today.  We live in a big, big, big world.  I’m not sure I can even fully comprehend it.

Stan and I have such a strong desire and determination to raise quality kids.  There is no doubt in my mind that each of our children has incredible God-given potential.  It is almost overwhelming to realize that we are stewards of these people….that God has given them to us, for a time, to love, train, encourage and provide for.  I strongly believe that, although children are definitely born with certain gifts and abilities, it is the parents who really shape them.  What an incredible gift and responsiblity.  There are days when I feel totally unqualified for this job.  There are days when I feel unequal to the task.  Today is one of those days.  (And it’s only 10 am!)

It’s VBS week.  Our theme is “Rome–Paul and the Underground Church.”  I like it.  It’s a different kind of VBS and I think it will stick in the students’ minds.  We don’t have a dancing crocodile this year or tropical decorations, but we have a really incredible message.  The VBS I remember best as a child was called “Marketplace AD.”  Learning what life was like when the church began was eye opening to me and made a big impression on me.  I hope our VBS will do the same for the kids we are serving.

And because I know I prefer blogs with pictures (does that make me shallow?), I’ve inserted a few here to make my blog more interesting! 🙂

Yes, we still bathe our kids together…sometimes.  It’s getting difficult though and we think we’ll have to stop this practice soon.  This was a fun bath complete with rock star hair, or as Ashton calls it “rotten hair.” 🙂

bathtime fun

Avary bathtime

Thanks to all of you who are reading our new blog.  It really is fun to share our life with you!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Random Thoughts

  1. Love this blog! You’re kids are SO stinkin cute!!

    I agree, our world is SO big and so scary sometimes! Stop by my blog sometime if you want! I started my blog really just for me and JR to read, now a lot of family read it and friends of course too. But the coolest thing is that some people I have never met in person read and comment pretty regularly. I have a funny story about meeting one of these bloggers on our road trip last year too… I can email it to you sometime if you are interested, it is too long to put here!

    Love you guys! Hug those kiddos for me!

  2. Rome is an awesome V.B.S., the best I’ve ever been part of. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. It was the first V.B.S. our church has ever done, and I think our adults got just as much out of it as our kids did. We’re allready looking forward to to Egypt next summer… You guys have a great family there and I can’t believe how fast their growing up, but then again I can… It’s hard to belive that Noah is almost Two…. We’ll I’ve wen’t on long enough… have a good one

    blessings and peace!

  3. Thanks for writing about your family. Reading all the ways you guys interact with each other is wonderful for me. It’s encouraging to see that families can be strong in this day and age. Raising kids in this society is NOT something I want to do which makes me admire, respect and hold dear the bond of families who are making it.

    You and Stan are great parents.

    Continue striving to serve God through raising them and He will continue to guide you through it.

    I love you.

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